Looking in to Wind Turbines

When you think of lowering your electricity bill, you probably never think of looking into wind turbines. Well, they’re here and they can lower your bill. We have all at least seen photos of acres and acres of metal wind mills. Now you can get one, or build one, for your home. They are smaller and meant just for your home. Basically, the wind turns the blades, which then creates kinetic energy. This converts into useable electricity. There are no batteries involved.

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How would it be to have one of these and see a 50-90 percent drop in your electricity bill? I don’t know about what you pay, but I live in a small apartment and my bill is usually upward of $50. Obviously, this is something I would like to lower. Unfortunately, for myself and others in apartments, urban housing or small lots, wind turbines aren’t for us. They can be fairly large and thus require a bit of space.

If you go to look at wind turbines, you will find that you can generally get one and have it installed for anywhere between $6,000 and $22,000. Yes, that’s what I thought, too. Whoa! That’s a lot of money. Now, you have to look at your electricity bill and see if that kind of investment is worth it for you. I know some people who live in places with really cold winters and really hot summers have a pretty decent bill.

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You may want to look into building your own wind turbine. I know it sounds a little nutty right now, but when you see what is involved, it’s not that bad. You can find instructions and a list of things you’ll need online. There are actually a number of sites that explain how to build them, what supplies to get and where to get them. If you’re serious about lowering your exorbitant energy bills, this may be just the way to do it.